Twitter thread:

A crypto network is more like a city than it is like a firm, or an individual. Like a city, a crypto network is a community of loosely affiliated individuals who agree about: the location of their work and residence (city); the protocol that they use and run (crypto network).

Unlike individuals and firms––both of which have centralized, top-down executive functions––cities and crypto networks tend to be organized in a manner that is more bottom up. It is telling that cities tend to survive even the overthrowing of their governments

In fact, the manner in which both crypto networks and cities die is rather similar. A city dies when every last person leaves; A crypto network dies when every last person stops running the protocol.

For this reason, cities tend to persist much longer than individuals and firms––both of which have more single points of failure. Like cities, crypto networks may prove to be similarly long-lasting.

To take this analogy to its probable breaking point, the art and science of city planning is akin to that of cryptonetwork protocol design: "The city is the ingenious mechanism we have evolved for facilitating and enhancing social interaction, collaboration, and innovation."

What does your dream city look like?