Twitter thread:

The fundamental advantage of decentralized networks is that, more so than any technological movement that has come before, they intimately entwine two of the most powerful forces in human history:

First, the principle that drives all scientific progress: That knowledge emerges from the free flow of ideas, and the universal freedom to discourse and constructive criticism. This principle is embodied in decentralized networks by the culture of open source.

And second, the engine of technological progress at the heart of capitalist societies––economic incentive structures and free markets that together catalyze human collaboration. The advent of crypto-tokens make open source sustainable and self-reinforcing in a way that it has never been.

The right cryptoeconomic incentives can encourage anyone in the world to participate and contribute, be it with resources, ideas, code, or community. The openness and inclusiveness of this new paradigm has the potential to organize human collaboration at an unprecedented scale.